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Driver's Test Support
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Sometimes the best strategy for passing a driver's test is making sure you have good support before. Facing the driving test alone, with a reluctant parent or indifferent friend can be stressful. For the success of the student (and peace of mind for the parent) I Drive Smart offers one-on-one support to help new drivers prepare for their Maryland licensing test.  What better way to prepare your student than to place her or him in an actual test enviornment.  That's right, we re-create the Testing Course where your student can practice and prepare one-on-one with a certified instructor for test day!  This is a mock test and DOES NOT satisfy the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) test requirement. Students use their own vehicle during this training to best simulate test day.   

These 90 minute sessions, using the vehicle the student will test in, replicates the MVA Road Skils Test. This program helps to ensure that the student and the parent/guardian will be aware of what to expect on test day,  will feel confident that the student has command of the vehicle functions, can navigate the skills course and meet expectations of the MVA.  Obviously we can't guarantee passing the exam, but we have had great success with our students that have taken our Test Support Program.  

Driver's Test Support

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