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Maryland Driver's Licensing Test Part 1

August 19, 2010 · 2 Comments

The Maryland Driver's Licensing Test, after remaining unchanged for years, has been modified for 2010.  This new test was piloted at a number of full service MVA locations in 2009 and is now being fully implemented through out this year.  From our experience in taking students to test, conversations with examiners and discussions with successful and unsuccessful students, the test remains quite a "moving target."  We are unable to officially confirm this but have been informed by various official and unofficial sources that the new test has a very high failure rate. 

In an effort to clarify and inform our clients about the new testing process, I Drive Smart will be posting a series of blog articles concerning the preparation and testing process.  It is important to note that the information found here about the test and the testing process is intended to only assist each student with their preparation.  The test is new and the MVA Examiners continue to add and identify test protocols and other surprises not included previous.

Test Overview - The official name of the test to acquire a standard driver's licence is the Maryland Noncommercial Class C Driver's Test.  A portion of this noncommercial driving test is conducted on a closed course to test a student's basic control of the vehicle.  A second portion is conducted on a public road to further evaluate a student's driving skills.  A student must first pass the closed portion of the test before being permitted to continue with the public portion of the road test.  If you do not pass any portion of the test, you will need to make another appointment to take the entire test again.  Partial credit is not given even though the test is separated into two parts. 

Pre-test Inspection - Even before the car is moved, the test begins with an inspection of the vehicle.  This is done because the MVA wants to be sure that the vehicle is road ready, insured and that the driver (student) is able to manage the instrumentation of the vehicle.  Be sure to include in your test preparation the following: (1) Make sure your car has a half tank of gas or more.  (2) Bring with you current proof of up to date automobile insurance (original policy card or FR-19).  (3) Inspect all your lights, signals, etc to insure that they are operable.  (4) Inspect your windshield that there are no cracks or chips.  (5) The driver (student) should be prepared to demonstrate the ability to activate and manage the instrumentation of the vehicle.  For example, you should know how to turn on the lights, the wipers, high beams, turn signals, heat and A/C as well as the defroster.  Once the vehicle and the driver (student) have been inspected and are deemed prepared, the closed course portion of the test begins.  We will cover that in Part II.   


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  • 1 hector // Oct 8, 2010 at 6:55 AM

    Thanks for sharing these valuable informations for preparing to the licensing exam. Hope to see more post!
  • 2 Sue Jordan // Dec 8, 2010 at 7:47 PM

    Your car cannot have the check engine light on

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