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Driving for Teens Means Freedom, but Don’t Forget Responsibility

July 7, 2011 · No Comments

When you finally reach the point in your life when driving on your own is about to be a reality, a sense of freedom comes about. However, what many teens don’t realize is that being a driver and being "on your own" comes with it added responsibilities.


Getting a permit and eventually a license is a very important time of learning. It also presents a great opportunity for parents to get more involved, letting their teens know that being able to drive isn’t all movies and football games.


For example, for some new drivers, having to pay for (and even learning how to pump) gas is a good first step towards understanding the responsibility of being a driver. Beyond that, there are plenty of additional steps, most notably the insurance process (as a note, completing a driver’s education course means a lowered cost of insurance) and vehicle maintenance (oil changes, tires, brakes, remember those things do wear out). According to AAA, the average total costs for a car driven 15,000 miles is $8,776.


The entire driver education process can be used as a way to teach new drivers about three main areas that will become a greater responsibility for them:

1.   Managing Official Documentation (Vehicle and Driver Registration and the like)

2.   Scheduling and Time Management (Vehicle Maintenance, Travel Time and Commuting)

3.   Liability (their safety and those of their passengers and fellow drivers and how this all relates to insurance, the legal ramifications of violating the laws of driving)


From our perspective, while our safety driver’s education course teaches students the technical and practical information they need to know to be a smart and safe driver, it also teaches certain characteristics that teenagers will need to transition into being an adult.

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