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You will be required to read and accept the Behind-the-Wheel terms prior to scheduling your sessions.

Note: Due to record demand, we recognize that sessions are being booked as we post them. We will routinely be adding many more sessions at more locations than currently show, so please check back regularly for updates to the schedule.

Use this Find Tool to find relevant BTW sessions for your situation. You need not enter any filters if you wish to see all available future BTW sessions. To get a complete picture, enter nothing and simply click the "Find" button below. You can then sort by the columns shown in the resulting page. For example, sorting by "Location" on the next page will show all possible sessions in that particular area/location.

If you wish to filter more specifically, you can use the criteria below for a more refined search...but we recommend using an unfiltered search first (no criteria) so that you can see all sessions available.

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Note: All locations listed are training locations. Hub indicates that a car is always parked at this location.

The school locations listed on this webpage are locations only for the picking up of student customers of I Drive Smart and not as sites for driving training. Our company is a private entity and is not affiliated with or sponsored by any school district or school official.

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