California New Driver Training Program

I Drive Smart offers the California State Driver Education Certification course for new drivers and provides all required third-party knowledge-based and in-car training to become licensed in the State of California. This required course, for individuals under the age of 18, is mandated and regulated by the State of California to obtain a California State Driver's License. The course is broken into two parts, which you can purchase together or separately.

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Two important steps: 

  1. A student must pass a knowledge-based course with a California State-Certified professional driving program. We offer this course through a self-contained Online Driver Education Program that will load into your account at the time of purchase. When the student finishes the course and passes the final test, the student is issued an Online Completion Certificate that the student must provide to the DMV at the time of taking the written test to receive the Learner's Permit. I Drive Smart's Online Program involves self-paced learning, with tests at the end of each chapter to that confirm a learner's retention. Students move from chapter to chapter as they work through the program.
  2. Once a student has received the Learner's Permit, he or she must complete a California State-Mandated Behind-the-Wheel Training Program, with a minimum of six hours of behind-the-wheel training with a state-certified professional driving program. This training consists of three two-hour sessions that are personalized and conducted one-on-one. Students must complete the first session of this program and have the back of their Learner's Permit signed by the Instructor before they can engage in any adult-supervised training. At completion, the student is issued a Behind-the-Wheel Completion Certificate that the student must provide to the DMV at the time of taking the final driving test to receive the Provisional Driver's License.
In-car options currently offered by I Drive Smart include:
  • Six-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Package (meets state requirements)
  • Ten-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Package (exceeds state requirements, with four additional in-car training hours)
  • Individual Supplemental Behind-the-Wheel Lessons (can supplement other training or be counted toward six-hour licensing requirement). Options:
    • Two-Hour Session
    • Three (3) Two-Hour Sessions
    • Five (5) Two-Hour Sessions

To register for Driver Education Training:

The training program can be purchased from I Drive Smart either in a complete combo package to include both the Online Training Program and the Behind-the-Wheel Training Program or in a partial package to include just the Online Training Program or just the Behind-the-Wheel Training Program. All in-car training is conducted by a California State-Certified Instructor following a curriculum outlined by the State of California.

IMPORTANT: The process to obtain a California Driver's License is a closely regulated process governed by the Code of California. All Driver Education Schools are required by California Law to operate under this code. The training process along with the required submission of training documentation is completely outlined on the California FAQs page. Please be sure to completely read the California FAQs page to avoid any confusion about the Driver's Education Process.

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Here are the steps to complete the process with us:
  1. Create a User Account. This will allow you to access our services and register for a class. Be sure to sign-in each time you visit our site!
  2. Purchase the desired service or service package.
  3. If you have purchased in-car training and have loaded your Learner's Permit information into your account, schedule your Behind-the-Wheel Training Sessions.
You may begin scheduling the in-car training once you have purchased in-car training and have loaded your Learner's Permit information into your account.

You will be able to select from several convenient behind-the-wheel locations. Log in to your I Drive Smart account by entering your username and password, which was created by you when registering. You will notice the unreserved behind-the-wheel sessions on your account. To begin scheduling, please click on the "Select" link.

Be sure to read our Behind-the-Wheel Terms as we enforce a strict cancelation/rescheduling policy that is regulated by the Code of California. A Learner's Permit is required under DMV Regulations to participate in behind-the-wheel instruction.

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