Maryland Manual Transmission Training

Driving a "stick shift" can be more than just a fun experience, it can assist a driver with better vehicle control. Manual transmission vehicles also often boost fuel economy. Plus, manual transmission keeps a new driver more engaged in the driving process which can reduce driver distractions.

Whether you are a new driver, experienced driver making a trip abroad where manual transmission autos are more prevalent (or the only rental option available!), or just want to expand your driving skills, I Drive Smart can serve your need in learning how to operate a manual transmission car.

Our 90-minute private Manual Transmission Training session is conducted at our Germantown - Advanced Vehicle Training Site (click here for detailed directions) and:
  • Utilizes an I Drive Smart Manual Transmission Training Vehicle
  • Is conducted one-on-one with a State Certified Instructor
  • Focuses on the basic functions of a Manual Transmission Vehicle (managing the clutch, smooth upshifting and downshifting, parking, etc.)
  • Combines the understanding of both the vehicle's operation and the skills necessary to drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle
I Drive Smart's unique training approach is broken into a sequenced series of steps, allowing the student to master each individual step of the process initially and then integrate the entire process. Our training protocols are designed to build upon each other in an effort to maximize the learning for the student at each phase. The training begins on a controlled course away from traffic and then can gradually progress to residential roadways and highways, depending on the skill development of the student.

To purchase this service, visit the Manual Transmission Schedules Page and select your slot. Once the selection is made, you will be required to Create a New User Account or Login to your existing User Account if you are a current or former I Drive Smart client.

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