Maryland In-Class Makeup Policy & Procedures

Making up a missed in-class session is as simple and hassle-free as a click of a mouse through I Drive Smart's online Event Management System (EMS). We realize that students and their families are busy, so we do all we can to provide flexibility with the make-up process.

Make-up Policy

Students in Maryland are required to attend, ten in-class sessions or units included in the program. Maryland law permits students to reschedule or make-up missed sessions in any order after they have initially attended the first in the series, which is Unit 1. Attendance of Unit 1 prior to making up other sessions is a Maryland requirement. Therefore, if a student misses any subsequent unit in the series (2 though 9), that student can continue to attend the remaining units in order and make-up the missed unit when it is convenient. The Unit 9 final exam can only be taken after all other preceding units have been completed. It is important to note that each unit is complete unto itself and does not build on any previous unit. The classroom training units are interchangeable between Maryland and the District, so you are able to make up classes in either of these locations (but not in Virginia). The curriculum guidelines are provided by the State of Maryland. and I Drive Smart has created a customized program that meets these guidelines and has been approved by the state MVA.

Make-up/Rescheduling Process

The steps below and related information outline the process to reschedule or make-up a missed in-class session.
  1. Log into your account, which takes you to the My Account Page (shows "Your IDS Account" at the top). Your Driving Class schedule appears as a grid.
    You can change an entire class schedule into another session by clicking the "Change" button on the right side above the current schedule. This option disappears once your current class schedule begins.
  2. Any time you wish to change any individual class(es), you can simply click the small calendar icon in the far-right column (under Status/Reschedule), resulting in a page that displays all future make-up opportunities for that particular unit, where you can select a replacement unit that works. The make-up class need not be at the location of the regularly-scheduled class.
  3. If a student actually misses a class and has been scheduled, the Instructor will mark the student absent through the EMS. If this occurs, the student's user account will show "Missed" next to the small calendar icon in  the scoring block, indicating that the student will have to make-up that missed unit. The student can make up this class in the same manner as described earlier, by clicking on the small calendar icon in the Status/Reschedule column and then selecting a replacement unit that works. 
  4. Once the student has found and selects a convenient date, time, and location to attend the rescheduled/make-up session, the new date and time will appear on the student's in-class schedule in the user account (My Account). At the same time the student is loaded onto the roster as a "make-up" for that day so that the Instructor is aware. The student will receive an email indicating that the student's schedule has been modified. A nominal change fee may be required, depending on the location fee for the make-up location chosen.
Important Additional Make-up Information
  • Students are not permitted to show for a make-up without first registering through their user account as described above. We have this policy because we must abide by specific roster limits and make-ups according to state driver education regulations and fire-code allowances. Students who show to a class without first registering for the make-up may be turned away.
  • Students are permitted to make-up and adjust their schedules as often as necessary, but each student MUST BE REGISTERED for a make-up session to attend.
  • Attendance of Unit 1 prior to adjusting the order of the remaining units is a State Requirement, and students are responsible for adherence to this law. Also, students should Unit 9, where the final test is administered, last.

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