Success Stories

M. O'Neil | Parent
"THANKS SO MUCH! The training was great, the teachers were great. The behind-the-wheel sessions were great!

Jackie Wynn | Parent
"I just wanted to recognize the outstanding support of the "I Drive Smart" organization.  Your information abut the driver process, communication and follow-up as well as professionalism of your staff continues to demonstrate why your organization has such a wonderful reputation! Additionally, Nick was an excellent coach with my son yesterday during his nervous state of obtaining a driver's permit. Your concern about the kids was evident every step of the way!"

Jill Fritz | Parent
"Good afternoon - my husband and I are really impressed with your operation and the information our daughter has taken away from the in class sessions. In fact..she now likes to critique our driving!"

Debby Kennedy | Parent
"Both the classroom instruction and the in car hours at I Drive Smart were exceptional. I was very impressed with your program and would highly recommend it to every family with new drivers."

C Parven | Parent
"My daughter took your august class in rockville -- a child who is VERY studious but HATES school. She LOVED the teachers, was never bored in your classes and actually didn't mind spending two weeks of her summer in a classroom. Hats off to you guys. You are hitting a home run."

Cheryl Kurn | Parent
"Our daughter took only 3 lessons with I Drive Smart and her instructor was very encouraging with her progress. He was kind and calm as he took her out on the highway drives and through the parallel parking lessons. He escorted our daughter to the driving test in the I Drive Smart car, a brilliant idea. He gave her last minute tips and positive feedback and then cheered as she nailed the parallel parking test. I am sure that his teachings and his good advice will make my daughter a safer, better driver. I am also sure that his kindness will never be forgotten. We can't thank you all enough!"

Katie St. Clair | Student
"Earlier tonight you taught my first driving course at the Academy of the Holy Cross. Your teaching amazed me. I was unaware of the statistics about teen driving and the risk involved. Earlier today you shared with us your past experience with drivers, particularly teenagers and you read an article that left an impression on me. It was an editorial written by a mother who had helped teenagers while they were waiting for emergency help. If you don't mind, I would like a copy of the article to share with my parents and friends at school. Thank you so much for all you taught us today."

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