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Parent Guide - Coaching Your Teenager's Driving

January 24, 2011 · 2 Comments

As the parent of a teenager learning to drive, you are likely to be concerned about the welfare and safety of your child.   The following are two major steps to take in teaching your child to drive.  First, review your own driving habits and offer your teen an example of safe driving practices and courtesy for others who use our roadways.  This may do more than anything else to ensure your teenager’s driving safety.  Second, make your teenager’s practice driving sessions safe, positive, and productive by following the tips below:

Set a good example:

·         Always wear your safety belt

·         Correct any unsafe driving habits that you may have acquired

·         Demonstrate your knowledge of your state’s driving laws

·         Refrain from using electronic devices and multi-tasking while driving

·         Drive within the speed limits

Your biggest contribution to your teen’s safety and effectiveness behind the wheel will be your example.  Patience, courtesy and a willingness to share the road will be your best assets.

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  • 1 Tom Pinckney // Jan 26, 2011 at 5:13 AM

    Sometimes, just driving around back and forth to the store, school, etc. is a good idea. Other times have a PLAN on what to do with your son/daughter during their training session. Have a planned route for what you want to accomplish and watch for weaknesses/bad habits developing as the student gains experience. No more than one or two hours at a time behind the wheel will result in a happy learning experience with your new driver. If things become too stressful while driving, perhaps taking a break until next time is a good idea. Pay specific attention to their hands, lane changes (make sure they use mirrors and do headchecks), stop (really stop) at the proper location for stop signs, make sure they use signals and really LOOK before moving their vehicle. Obey the speed limits and work on sign identification AFTER you pass them. Mirror use? Use of mirrors prevents accidents!!
  • 2 driving school worcester // May 18, 2011 at 10:32 PM

    Yes I agree with this. Because teens are more comfortable with their parents. But I also know that their are still posibilities that they are not.

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