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Getting a permit means putting in the hours

July 14, 2011 · No Comments

In our previous blog entry, we talked about how driving for teens offers freedom, but that responsibility comes with it too.

Teens in New York State, and in several other states across the country, are now faced with the requirement of completing 50 hours of supervised driving, up from the previous 18 required (with 15 of those hours mandated to occur after sunset).

While we have seen the requirements of drivers education change over the years in Maryland, unfortunately, too often, dangerous behaviors have remained the same, specifically behaviors inside the passenger compartment of vehicles. 

Over the past few years and into the future, more laws that mitigate risk by managing behaviors have been, and will be, enacted by legislators across the country.  From "No Texting" to "Passenger Restriction" legislation, we will see these laws hit the books. However, these rules only cover specific behaviors. It is nearly impossible to effectively legislate against all potential dangerous behaviors that drivers could be part of.

At I Drive Smart, we take safety very seriously and believe in the power of prevention. The statistics about driving are sobering, which is why we recommend teens – whether it is required or not - complete a driver’s education course.

Find and register for an I Drive Smart New Driver Training Course in your area. Don’t see one? Contact 301.605.7761 to learn how to bring I Drive Smart to your school or community.

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